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This wiki is designed to be a resource for advanced features of the Four51 Commerce Tools platform. In each section detailed documentation is provided to help guide you through the usage. Examples are provided, and in many cases actual source code is available.

Four51 Document Actions are a compiled library of functions for use in your pageflex projects. The documentations contains the parameter type and a brief overview of the purpose. Keep in mind that it is possible to combine the document actions to perform even more intricate tasks.

The Spec Form API is the JavaScript library loaded into your Commerce Tools project spec form. It's broken out into 3 sections: Methods, Widgets and Validators. Methods are simple functions extended on the spec variables as well as all elements in the form. Widgets are meant to provide specific functionality in the form that normally requires complicated JavaScript code. For example, you can turn a simple spec text box into a calendar control. Most of the widgets do not even require writing actual JavaScript code. Lastly the validators are designed to provide greater control over input by the users. Instead of just requiring a value you can require specific values like numbers only.

The resource downloads are provided for quick access to download the resources. Use the compiled library in your pageflex projects, but you can use the source library as a guide to creating your own document actions. The sample project is a great resource for seeing how to use the document actions in your project. It's nearly 100% coverage of all document actions available in the library.


Resource Downloads

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