Client Growth Corner: USADATA and list acquisition

The Client Growth Corner is an ongoing column from our Client Growth Coordinator

Hi All,

Last week I participated in an in depth demonstration from Ed Greissle at USADATA, with whom we have partnered to provide list acquisition capabilities. You can now obtain and integrate list acquisition functionality into the Four51 application in two ways.

First, there is the traditional USADATA Leads Module v. 4.0. This comprehensive platform generates lists from seven databases including two consumer options, business, new movers, and executive choices. You also are allowed custom selection when choosing the data points your customers can access. Being a Four51 network member grants you a 20% discount on the Leads Module. If you are interested, contact Ed at

As well as the complete USADATA Leads Module, Four51 has created the Four51 Leads Module, powered by USADATA. This platform allows you to provide list acquisition capabilities to your customers without any set-up or ongoing fees; you pay for what you use! With 2 databases of consumer and business information, you can increase the effectiveness of your customers’ marketing campaigns by providing them access to pertinent data. If you are interested in learning more about the Four51 Leads Module, please contact or check out our website.

As direct mail continues to permeate both the print and marketing space, superb data will become a necessity. Stay ahead of the curve and expand your service offerings by seamlessly offering list acquisition capabilities to your customers today! This is a quick and easy way to expand your services and help grow your business!


Client Growth Corner: Utilizing the new website

The Client Growth Corner is an ongoing column from our Client Growth Coordinator.

Hi all,

I hope that by now you have had the chance to check out the new Four51 website ( As well as a refreshed look and feel, we have added new features intended to help you maximize your usage of Four51. I wanted to briefly touch on these new features and how you can benefit from them.

The Solutions page helps determine some common “pains” that your customers experience and how the Four51 application can solve these problems and help streamline their business. There are also some key strategic vertical industry solutions geared to illustrate how to application can be configured to suit the needs of those challenging and growing markets.

The Suppliers page is a new feature of the Four51 website. We’ve heard from many of you that you are looking to load share or develop new partnerships. The supplier search, which is accessible on this page, helps you make connections to vendors based on location, product, solutions, and more!

Four51 has many successful customers who have expanded and grown their business through leverage of the Four51 network. On the Customers page of the website, we’ve highlighted some success stories to inspire you and show what others have done to incorporate Four51 into their business.

As Four51 continues to grow, we have developed strategic partnerships with you in mind. Learn about our strategic alliances with Kodak, SAP, and USADATA on the Partners page of the website.

Four51 updates the website News page weekly with new podcasts, press releases, Salon recordings, and application demonstrations. Check out the latest from customer testimonials to more effective use of the application here. (And there’s an RSS feed for Radio Four51 to which you can subscribe to keep up to date!)

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best education possible to help you understand and utilize Four51. Four51 has two educational opportunities designed to meet your needs. We offer several levels of application training, designed to help you learn what it takes to run a successful e-commerce program. We also offer University Four51, an educational program designed to teach you how to sell and market the new skills and capabilities you’ve acquired through partnering with the Four51 network. Learn more about these programs at our Education page.

Finally, although you’re already here, you can access the blog, Insights Four51, from pretty much anyone on the new website. Keep coming back for more! (And don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed on the right so you’re automatically updated when we put up something new!)

Tell us what you think about the new site! Are there other features you would like to utilize or other ways you want to leverage the network? Let us know what you think!


Industry News: E-commerce is the Recipe for Success

Graphic Arts Monthly magazine had an August article by Lisa Cross in their archives with which we could not agree more! The article is about the strength of digital storefronts and how e-commerce is giving print new life. Ms. Cross writes, “Digital storefronts, where printers target customers to purchase and design their print jobs from their own computers, are infusing new life into many companies. These services are available to any potential customer via public websites, no longer just through specially designed Intranets. [...] Printers building such digital storefronts are carving out profitable niche markets, reducing internal sales costs, automating job workflows, reducing turnaround time and making print more price competitive.”

The article also mentions USA Data and its partnership with Four51 to provide list acquisition tools through an e-commerce channel—more info on that next week!

Tim Morin

Thought Leadership: February Salon Four51 session this Thursday

Our Salon Four51 session for February will be this Thursday, the 15th, with Bruce Meberg and Ed Griessle of USA Data as they discuss the power of list acquisition and the tool USA Data has for making direct marketing campaigns more successful.

In light of news about postage increasing (see post below) it’s crucial that direct marketing campaigns are targeted so that they have the best chance of getting a prospect to you.

Join us this Thursday by registering here (be sure you click on the “Register” button) for Salon Four51 and check back next week for insights from Bruce and Ed.