Importance of Diversifying Facebook Content

As we know, the Wall and the Newsfeed are both powerful tools for brands on Facebook.  It is a place to communicate and interact with your fans.  It is important that these features are taken advantage of to get as much interaction with your target market as you can.  But, the way you use these tools can make a big difference on how well a brand’s message is delivered.

In the Mashable article titled 5 Best Practices for Travel and Tourism Brands on Facebook posted by Lauren Drell, does a nice job of pointing out various ways to engage your audience on your brands Facebook page. I found one of their tips to be particularly interesting.  The importance of the type of content you post.  As Drell put it, “Try mixing it up with videos, photos, reviews of the hotel and of restaurants within the hotel (from sites like Yelp), as well as travel tips and exciting updates from the brand.”   This gives the Facebook user more content to choose from.  It is more likely for your target to visit your page, if the brand’s page is providing a variety of ways to get your information across.

Read the Mashable article and check out number three to see how some brands are practicing this today, and to learn about other best practices.