To upgrade or not to upgrade: Pageflex 6

Neither Lynn Anderson nor I ever promised you a rose garden. What does that have to do with anything, you might ask. It reminds me of debates about technology upgrades. When encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of something, we (me included) are at times tempted to push back and say: I don’t want to upgrade. What I have works fine. The new version will undoubtedly have stability issues. And all my employees are trained on the current version, and now you’re setting us back. And so on. Ad nauseum.

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QA (application environment series part 6)

Do you ever wonder if there is a process that is used to ensure quality on Four51? Have you ever experienced any issues on a web site you frequent? Do you ever wonder how a web site performs at such a high level of quality? If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, the term Quality Assurance should come to mind. Each company assures the quality of their product at some level whether that is just a developer who tests his code, or a person or a team of people who are responsible.

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You won’t break a leg on our stage (application environment series part 5)

It seems like whenever Apple announces that a new product is being released and the sample is available, the number of shoppers in our local Apple Store increases. Even though all Apple products can be conveniently ordered online, many people prefer to see and use the latest technology before jumping in to make a purchase. Well, at Four51 we schedule a month long Beta Program prior to every major release to let our customers see and use our latest technology before releasing it in to the live environment. Continue reading

Testing…123…Testing (application environment series part 4)

Have you ever been afraid to make a configuration change to a buyer site because you were not confident that you would get the result that you were looking for…or maybe you were hesitant to apply a custom theme to a live buyer site because you did not know if it would look the way that you wanted it to look.  Well, fear no more. Continue reading

Selling to Uncle Sam: Federal Information Processing Standard

Most of the Four51 product development requests are customer driven, focused on operating better or selling more. I was asked recently if it was possible to use the application for purchasing by US government employees. I replied with a definitive “I don’t know.” After understanding the specifics of the question, the answer is “Yes,” and this is why: Continue reading

The Demo Environment (application environment series part 3)

When you become a customer of Four51, you gain access to several different environments, including the demo environment. This is the same demo environment that you were probably exposed to when you were first investigating Four51 and making your decision about signing up. Continue reading

A Letter from Prison

My name is Gregory K. I am serving a 51-month prison sentence for aggravated identity theft, mail fraud, and accessing a protected computer without authorization to further fraud.

I used file-sharing software to steal people’s identities and buy merchandise under their names. For victimizing more than 50 people and causing about $70,000 in losses, I earned the nickname “highwayman in the virtual world.” I got caught, but there are more just like me who haven’t been caught. Lots more.

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Pageflex Upgrade Supplement

Hopefully you’ve received an invite to our Pageflex upgrade webinar. If not, the information to attend is here. If you create or manage variable products on Four51, you do not want to miss this demo. There are some amazing new features you will want to take advantage of in your products.

I’m going to supplement that demo with a few additional pieces of information. We’ve created a Four51 App Exchange wiki. I want to answer some expected questions regarding the Four51 Toolbar, and I’ll demonstrate a document action that I believe will be very popular. Continue reading

How big is your toolbox?

Think about the mechanic you take your car to when it needs repair. Next time you visit, take a look at the wide range of tools he has at his disposal. Compare his tools to a novice mechanic who starts off with a socket set, and if he’s lucky, some wrenches. Over time, as his skill level increases, he builds up his arsenal of tools. Eventually the novice becomes a veteran and he acquires tools along the way. His toolbox grows with his ability. (Insert grunting from Tim “the Toolman” Taylor here.) Continue reading