Foursquare Specials

Our most recent FanTools update reaches one more social media platform, Foursquare.  For those who are unfamiliar, Foursquare is a location based social networking site, which allows users to check in to different venues using their mobile device.

For the venue, Foursquare allows them to recognize their customers and reward them for their loyalty.  FanTools users can now schedule and publish any of the available Foursquare specials listed below:

Mayor – available only to the mayor of the venue
Check-In – available to anyone, any time they check into you venue
Loyalty – activated only after repeat visits.
Newbie – for anyone, provided it is the first time they have checked into the venue.
Swarm – available when many people check in at once.
Friends – available when a group of people check into your venue together.
Flash – available to a limited number of people who check-in first.

Similar to the recently added Facebook Deals, or creating a flash deal, coupon, or group deal, Foursquare Specials are just as easy and intuitive in FanTools.  Below is a screen shot of what the form looks like inside of our app.


If your business hasn’t gotten started using Foursquare, it is easy to sign up and start rewarding customers when they check-in to your venue, just go here.  It is also a great place for you to learn more about Foursquare and its role in the social media world!


Post authored by: Jennifer Tongen

Facebook Timeline Tips and Tricks

The Facebook Timeline isn’t necessarily “new” anymore, but there is still life in sharing some of the latest ideas that I’ve seen socially savvy companies incorporate into their strategy.

But, before we get started, lets make sure to review Facebook’s regulations regarding Timeline cover photos and profile pictures.  Below is an abbreviated list from Social Media Examiner.

  • No promotions, coupons or advertisements
  • It shouldn’t be primarily text-based or infringe on anyone else’s copyright
  • No price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it at our website”
  • No contact information, such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your page’s About section
  • No references to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook site features
  • No calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”

Facebook draws a pretty clear line between what they consider appropriate or not.  At first glance it may look restricting, but it still leaves lots of room for creativity and messaging!  The cover photos have proved to be very strong statement pieces to grab attention, introduce products or ideas, and grow your fan base.  I’ve taken a few good examples of local Minneapolis brands and showcased below. Keep scrolling to see how these mavens are positioning their brand on Facebook.

A nice example of using their logo and company tag line while still showcasing their product line in an appetizing and clear manner.

Red Wing Shoes has an interesting photo showcasing their staple product, heavy duty work boots, with their use of photography.

The Minnesota Twins page caught my eye with their use of their website address in the top corner.  That is a forward way to encourage two way traffic, between their Facebook page and their website.

Surly, a local brewing company is using their cover photo to introduce and market a new brew.

There are many creative ways to display new products, company information and messages with the new Facebook Timeline profiles.  Make sure to get creative and utilize some of these eye-catching ideas for your brand!

FanTools now with Facebook Offers!

FanTools has developed coupons, flash deals, group deals, and information posts… and we are excited to announce we’ve now added Facebook Offers!

Facebook Offers is a simple mechanism for a business to give customers discounts on their page.  Fans can then share it, comment on it, and claim the deal.  Offer details are sent to a fan once its been claimed via email and can then be redeemed in the store.

We’ve made this option available in FanTools, and we’ve made it even better!  It’s as simple as this:

  • In your FanTools account, create a Facebook Offer, just like you would a coupon post
  • Hit the preview button to see exactly what your Facebook fans will see your wall, similar to the one below:
  • Now that you have your Facebook Offer ready to go, you can decide when you want it posted on your wall, and how often.  Just set it to your social media marketing calendar and forget it!  The offer will post and you can sit back watch your bottom line rise while your fans share and redeem your offer!

We are excited to be able to bring this Facebook feature to the next level by allowing our customers to control what, when, and how often their Facebook Offers are posted!  Login to your FanTools account today to get started!  Don’t forget to schedule your Facebook Offers in advance by using your personal social media marketing calendar!

FanTools Plan for your Business

We’ve made FanTools easier to user and even smarter at marketing your business on social media.

Next time you log into FanTools, you’ll notice the updated dashboard with the new Plan tab.  You can now create a social media marketing Plan to compliment your business’ objectives by choosing and modifying a Plan that is the perfect fit for you.

The Plan is designed to allow you to pick what kinds of social media activities you want, when you want them posted, and how often.  After browsing our Plan Library and finding the right plan for your business, just click “Add to my Current Plan”.

Dig around, and you’ll see how we’ve changed the look and feel and improved the navigation to make it even more easy to use.

Still haven’t gotten started?  That is okay!!  Get started today for FREE and you’ll be guided through a seamless setup process that only takes minutes!

Have any questions?  Please feel free to leave a comment.

FanTools Gets Smarter — Updates To Planning Your Social Media Marketing Plan

It has only been a week, and we’re already here to announce even more awesome updates to FanTools!  We are always moving forward on our promise to push FanTools to work hard  harder for you and your business.

This morning FanTools  updated three key things to make your Social Media Marketing Plan even easier to schedule!

  • Using the program calendar, you can now schedule and edit start times for events and promotions in the new Program Calendar view.
  • It is now easier than ever to publish and customize Facebook posts within FanTools.
  • And if you are just getting started with FanTools, we’ve made the process as easy and as seamless as possible!  Just login and FanTools will guide you through the  getting started, step by step.

Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or suggestions, as we always love hearing what our customers have to say!

FanTools Gets a Fresh New Look!

This morning, FanTools unveiled a fresh new look with many new features!  As you’ve probably read, we have updated the dashboard, created a social program based on your business, expanded info posts, videos, and photos, for Facebook and Twitter, and we’ve done it all with you in mind.

Here is a sneak peek of the FanTools Dashboard:

To see more of the new look and feel log in to your FanTools account by clicking here!

But wait!  We’ve also created this great video to walk you through the new FanTools admin environment, so you can keep yourself and your employees up to date with what has changed, and what has been added!

We hope you like what you see, and we’ve worked hard to make sure you can stop working harder, and start working smarter.


Send to Mobile and more FanTools updates

Today we released a FanTools update with some important improvements. We are continuously working to make FanTools the best way for businesses to power their online promotions. Please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions.


  • The new “Send to Mobile” button on deals allows fans to send themselves a text message with a link to the deal. This will help fans find their deals easily on their mobile phones.
  • The new “Save to My Deals” button saves the deal to the fan’s My Deals page

FanTools Send-to-Mobile

  • The count down timer on Flash Deals and Group Buys displays seconds
  • New Google +1 button in the sharing section, located at the bottom of every deal
  • Sharing buttons are now on the Active Deals page
  • Group Buy receipts and vouchers now display the deal image
  • Group Buys can now have no maximum quantity (unlimited)
  • Fans can view deal details prior to application authorization. Authorization is required to submit Profile Questions, buy a Group Buy deal, Sign Up for Alerts and Save to My Deals.
  • The Promotions list in Admin as been updated to show more information about the deals and allows for sorting by column.

FanTools Promotions List

  • Group Buy transactions can be settled by selecting more than one at a time
  • Tiered administration can be navigated with a new tree view
  • Adding Facebook Pages to FanTools is now much simpler
  • Added ability to test the configuration of PayPal Payment Gateway
  • Admins can be selected to receive email notifications of Group Buy activity
  • Print button on coupon and flash deals can be turned off


FanTools 2.0 is live!

FanTools Coupons, Group Buys, Flash Deals, Information PostWe are very happy and proud to announce the release of FanTools 2.0, available now to all of our customers. This major release is the work of many people including the suggestions and advice from our customers and partners. We’re committed to making FanTools the best solution available to give businesses control over powering their promotions.

The significant new features (among many smaller updates) include:


  • New deal types:
    • Group Buys allow you to create “daily deal” type offers (similar to Groupon). With FanTools, you control the discounts, timing and terms and keep all the money.
    • Flash Deals are perfect for short-lived coupon promotions with an added countdown timer to entice fans into immediate action.
    • Coupons are business-defined promotions that can be redeemed by fans with a printout or via their smart phone with our mobile view.
    • Information Post allows the business to publish promotional content that doesn’t have coupon or discount features.
  • Google Maps on each deal show the locations where deal is valid.
  • My Deals lists the fan’s reserved and purchased Group Buys.


  • Publish to Web allows a merchant to present deals on their own website.
  • Custom Messages give merchants control over the Facebook, Twitter, email and text messages that notify fans about new offers.
  • Publish Expiration is a new setting that allows promotions to be valid after their publication date.


  • Tiered Administration provides deep and scalable permissions for organizations, users and roles. FanTools is the ideal online promotions tool for any business, small or large, simple or complex.
  • White Label allows partners to brand the FanTools Administration interface with their own logo.

More detailed information on the new features can be found in the FanTools Help articles. You can also watch a thirty minute web conference showcasing the new features.

Stay tuned; we’re just getting started.

FanTools 2.0 Live Monday!

Good news! FanTools is going live Monday, September 12th, 2011. We are excited to share the new features and enhancements you will be able to use.

New Features include:

    • New Promotion Types Create Flash Deals, Group Buys, and Informational Posts
    • Publish to WebPublish deals to your Website in addition to your Facebook Page
    • Custom Notification MessagesSend customized messages to your Facebook Wall, Twitter account, Email, and SMS
  • Tiered AdministrationOrganize and create users, roles and sub-organizations with flexible permissions

Don’t Forget!

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The Four51 FanTools Team

FanTools 2.0 is Coming!

FanTools 2.0 is scheduled for release the week of September 12th, 2011. There are many new features and enhancements we are excited to share!

To highlight a few…

New promotion types. Three more promotion types will be available in addition to coupon (formerly SmartDeal):

  • Group Buy — Create “daily deal” type offers (similar to Groupon). With FanTools, you control the discounts, timing and terms and keep all the money
  •  Flash deals — Create time-sensitive offers that include a countdown timer! Think about a theater with extra tickets to sell right before the show, or a food vendor who needs to quickly clear out excess inventory
  •  Informational posts — Get the word out to all your fans about upcoming special events, guest appearances, new menu items…any type of message that isn’t offer-related


Please join us for a free in-depth Webex demo of the new FanTools features and enhancements!

When? 12:00 noon CST September 7, 2011

How? Just click here to register!

Who? Jim Lahner, Customer Support and Scott DeToffol, Product Director

To learn more about the release, please visit our blog between now and the week of September 12th for more updates on our development efforts. And remember to keep yourself up to date with FanTools and social media by visiting the Four51 FanTools Facebook Page.