Radio Four51: Thoughts from the Spring Tech Conference

Our most recent podcast features Rich Landa discussing how you can add value to your business with technology-based services. The recording summarizes his presentation given at the 2008 PSDA Spring Technology Conference in Savannah, Georgia.

Rich talks about the evolution of web-to-print e-commerce from just a simple tool used for convenience’s sake to a dynamic and necessary tool that allows businesses to customize their operational workflows. Rich also touches on the ways Four51 has designed its platform to be a value-added community that can integrate with companies like SAP and Pageflex. This allows Four51 to effectively serve a wider range of print buyer, seller, and supplier needs that a lot of competitors can’t. Rich explains that when evaluating what system is best for your business, your thought process should extend far beyond just features and functionality.

Check out the podcast to hear more!

Radio Four51: Reflections from the On Demand Conference

The On Demand Conference, which took place last week in Boston, featured a panel with Four51 co-founder and president Gary Nemcek. Gary was part of a panel of industry leaders and innovators in the web-to-print networks space along with Christopher Ries from Eastman Kodak and Eric Thibodeau from Xerox.

In the podcast you’ll hear Gary’s reflections on the evolution of the web-to-print arena as well as his take on how Four51 has grown and adjusted with the changing industry.

Radio Four51: Shared Catalogs

Shared Catalog functionality is a powerful Four51 feature that allows distributors to leverage multiple suppliers’ expertise. Suppliers can create catalogs of products and then make them available to distributors on the Shared Catalog Supporting Site. Once connected to a supplier, the distributor can drag and drop catalogs into buyers’ sites, giving them more products from which to choose.

To hear more about Shared Catalogs, check out the podcast above featuring Gary Haley from Beacon Promotions, a promotional products supplier, and Bob Bernier from Signature Media Group, a distributor leveraging Shared Catalogs with existing customers.

To access the Shared Catalog supporting site, click here.

Radio Four51: The Changing Face of Marketing Requires Print

Our latest installment of Radio Four51 features Gary Nemcek, Four51 co-founder and President of the Networks Group, interviewing Albert Maruggi, President of Provident Partners, a marketing and new media firm based in St. Paul, MN. Gary and Albert discuss the rapidly chaing face of marketing and how evolving marketing still heavily relies on printed materials, especially variable data printing.

Listen to the podcast to hear more about print’s importance in today’s marketing campaigns!

Thought Leadership: Print and Web 2.0

I hope you all had a chance to listen to our Radio Four51 session, posted on Insights last week, featuring a conversation between Gary and Ian O’Brien from WorkflowOne. The printing press (pun intended) has picked up the story on WTT, QuickPrinting, and Graphic Arts Online, which I’m not listing as a popularity endorsement, but more because it was an interesting topic that I think a lot of us in the print industry are thinking about.

In the interview, Ian talks about the previous perception that the Web 2.0 (whatever that even is…) would make paper irrelevant, especially in the business space and the actuality that print’s presence has only been sustained, even strengthened, since Web 2.0′s arrival.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast, do, and then let me know what you think about print and Web 2.0.


Radio Four51: Print in the world of Web 2.0

In the first of a two-part series, Four51 co-founder and President of the Networks Group, Gary Nemcek, talks to WorkflowOne CIO Ian O’Brien about the onset of Web 2.0 and the ramifications for print. Listen as Ian outlines how he’s seen print flourish in Web 2.0, rather than flounder as some predicted.

Watch for the next segment!

Radio Four51: Highlights from Salon Four51

We had a great Salon Four51 session on August 9 featuring Pat Sorce’s presentation on print’s sustained presence and importance in what’s becoming a more and more internet-centered culture (just look at the article on CNN yesterday about the drop in adults’ reading of books). Pat shared some great insights and facts about print’s importance in advertising spend and new places where printers can expand their businesses. Have a listen!


Radio Four51: Making More out of Customer Relationships

Our latest podcast highlights Kodak MarketMover Network, powered by Four51 member Herald Printing. You will hear from Jim Morgan, Director of Marketing at Herald Printing, about his experience using the Four51 technology to get in the door with prospects he never could have spoken with before.

In addition to finding new prospects, Jim also has a great story to share about amazing success he had with a customer he had previous to joining the Kodak MarketMover Network. This customer had specific needs that, without an e-commerce system like Four51, Herald Printing hadn’t been able to meet. Listen to the podcast and hear how Herald Printing was able to take its existing customer relationship to a whole new level!


Radio Four51: Four51 for Franchises

The Four51 application is extremely versatile and easily lends itself to many industries as a complete ordering solution. In this installment of Radio Four51, you will hear from Bill Osteraas, sales director at Four51, about the ways the Four51 application is an ideal fit for franchises.

Every industry has its own unique challenges and the franchise industry is no exception. With many distributed locations, brand consistency and item distribution can be a nightmare. With Four51, franchises can keep collateral consistent across all franchisee locations while also offering franchisees the ease of an online ordering system.

To hear more about what Four51 can do for franchises, listen to Bill’s thoughts.


Radio Four51: Lake Erie Graphics’ Success with Four51

Lake Erie Graphics, a Kodak MarketMover Network, powered by Four51, customer had been searching for a web-to-print solution for two years when they finally found the Four51 application. As you will hear from Bob Sindelar, Four51 has heped Lake Erie Graphics talk to customers and prospects in a whole new way.