Four51 Application: R8 Refresher

I know that things get to be a little crazier than usual around release time at Four51 and I’ll bet that may be the case for others of you as well. There is scheduled downtime to announce, training to complete and documentation to update, never mind actually implementing the cool (and helpful) new features!

It has now been about eight weeks since Release 8 was deployed so I decided to take a few minutes to compile a list of some of the features and provide a quick refresher.

Split Billing
Setup a buyer with a spending account and if the order total exceeds the account balance the user will be prompted to select another payment method to cover the difference.

Shipment Report
This report contains all shipping information that is entered on the seller interface including the quantity shipped, date shipped and tracking number.

Product Detail Spec Form
Enhance the buyer users’ experience by customizing some of the information on the product detail page per product.

Themes–Custom Error Page
Buyer sites with custom themes can now have a custom error page as well. Just be sure to include the necessary tokens so Four51 Support can assist you if problems arise!

Click here to find the Release 8 Release Notes which lists all the features that were included.

The technology team at Four51 has jumped right into tasks related to Release 9 and I’ll be back soon with updates!