Holding Hands and Pointing Fingers

If I asked you to logon to your personal Facebook account right now, look up “Four51 FanTools” and “Like” the page, would you do it?  Probably not because you don’t have any reason to.  You have probably been hit with various appeals from websites, e-mail campaigns, commercials, and in-store signs that display the Facebook and Twitter icons urging you to follow and like and friend and join and and and… Continue reading

Social Media Turns Tie Games Into Brand Wins

For you sales pros out there, a question. Is it easier to sell to a successful company or a struggling one? Some would say that problem tends to focus the mind and spur people to action. That’s true. But let’s consider the case of selling a social media marketing solution (technology, e.g. Four51 FanTools + professional services) to a company that’s firing on all or most cylinders. What’s the value proposition if you’re confronted with something like “we’re doing well without all this stuff”?

How about: Would you like to do even better?  Would you like to increase the lead you have on your competition? Would you like to win all the one-run games?

As Jay Baer from the article, Social Media Turns Tie Games Into Brand Wins, puts it:

“I firmly believe that social’s true calling is to move customers into more and more valuable RFM and Lifetime Value segments by nudging them to buy more, buy more often, and encourage their friends to buy too.”

Read his entire post here, and visit Jay Baer’s blog Convince and Convert.