Supported Browsers for Ecommerce Solution CommerceTools

Ecommerce Browser CompatibilityInternet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome……. and the list goes on!
With the ever growing variety and version of browsers, its important to keep up with what your customers are using, to ensure CommerceTools is compatible.  We have created a list of all of the compatible browsers and versions in which CommerceTools have been tested against.  Learn all of the details and how you can help your customer on which browser to use on CommerceTools.

Case Question:
My customer is planning on upgrading the browsers on all of their PCs.  Do you have a list of browsers that are supported with CommerceTools?

Sure thing.  We keep an up to date list of the currently supported browsers in this  Knowledgebase Article.

When a new version of a browser is released, the Quality Assurance team will test the new browser to find any issues.  If there are any issues identified, they will be prioritized and slotted into a future release.  Once the known issues have been resolved, then the Knowledgebase Article will be updated to reflect the change in browser support.

When older versions of browsers are not supported anymore, they will be removed from the KnowledgeBase Article.  The logic used to stop support of a version includes what industry leaders are doing, how many newer versions exist, how long a browser has been around for, and if the version supports the advanced technologies used on CommerceTools.  For example, Internet Explorer 7 was removed from support in the summer of 2011 because Microsoft no longer supports the version with newer operating systems, Google dropped support for it, there are two improved versions (IE8 and IE9), and new functionality added to CommerceTools wasn’t accommodated for in the version very well.