Four51 Application: What’s your order?

Did you know that one of the major factors the Four51 Product Development team considers as we decide what to include in the next major release is customer feedback?

Each week I receive a handful of suggestions ranging from:
“Can you add a report that shows us which users are assigned to a group?”
“My customers are asking for coupon functionality. Can you add that to the application?”

After reviewing the suggestions myself, I meet with the Product Development team where we first try to determine if there is a possible way to solve the problem with current functionality. Continue reading

Discover Four51: Increase your knowledge

It’s been quite a while since I have been able to write about the Discover Four51 knowledgebase. Recently (and unfortunately) there were some issues with the knowledgebase provider and I didn’t want to write that there were new articles to review when you couldn’t even get to them! However, the service provider has worked diligently and the problems we were having are now resolved.

In the time since I wrote last there have been quite a few articles added. Most of them try to fill in some gaps, such as error messages and everyone’s favorite topic, FONTS.

A Web service is defined by the W3C as “a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network.” Four51 utilizes web services in multiple ways in order to integrate our application with various other networks to pass along specific types of information. A strong majority of those services have been given their own articles to describe their function. The web services articles can be found under the Integration category in the left navigation folder list on the knowledgebase.

As always, the more feedback and ideas we get, the more robust the knowledgebase will become. We rely a lot on you to help find the gaps in the article list and to generate new ideas where we can share various amounts of the Four51 knowledge.

Happy Learning.


Discover Four51: Looking for Options?

As a memeber of the Four51 knowledgebase team, I get to edit, revise, update and create new articles for our customers to use as tools for their own knowledge.

One of the articles that I made some changes to recently was the “Explore Additional Services” article. It discusses some of the many options that you can choose to add to your buyer sites. These can be as detailed as using our XML Web Services for a more automated system or as simple as allowing your customers to pay for orders with their credit cards.

More details about these features are found in other articles, but here you will find a list of some of the additional services that you can leverage with our application.


Discover Four51: New Knowledge!

I’ve looked at some data and it seems that you are finding your answers on your own for questions you may have with the Four51 application.

I have to say, I’m very pleased with the use of Discover Four51. Our team has tried very hard to make it a tool that is useful and it really looks as though we’ve done well!

We have a new article on the knowledgebase that answers a question I’ve gotten many many times: How do we get set up with the Four51 Leads Module and what do I do with it? This article discusses how to setup the Four51 Leads Module after it has been purchased and set it up on your seller interface. Sellers can then setup print products to be accompanied by the Four51 Leads Module, a feature that allows buyer users to purchase a mailing list from USAData from inside their Four51 online catalog. This powerful feature can create a customized direct mail product for your customers. Once the buyer adds a list to his shopping cart, he will be able to select the criteria that will be reflected in the data list that is purchased.

Keep looking here for more updates on new articles that are posted to the knowledgebase. If you ever have a suggestions about how we can make Discover Four51 better, submit a case, post a comment here or use the feedback tool within the knowledgebase.

Happy learning!


Discover Four51: New Knowledge!

I’ve seen and heard quite a bit of positive feedback about Discover Four51. It has been active for about a week now and based on the data I have seen, it’s being used well. Thanks for helping to make the implementation smooth!

I’ll be periodically writing to let you know of new articles posted as well as to share tips and tricks for searching the knowledgebase better.

We just made four new articles live for your use. First is an article about the Pageflex MPower file size restriction and how to get it lifted. The second covers Payflow Pro’s new application that is attached to an article discussing credit card processing options. Third, for those of you wondering how to submit a case through the knowledgebase, I’ve written an article that explains the process. Lastly, we have created an article that discusses custom themes, how to create them and what basic token placeholders are needed to make your theme work with the Four51 application.

As Four51 grows and we connect more and more sellers to suppliers and buyers, our knowledge will expand as will Discover Four51. Please check back here and be sure to search the knowledgebase for your answers. You’ll never know what you don’t know unless you search for it!


Discover Four51: The knowledgebase is now ONLINE

We have created a powerful new tool for our community called Discover Four51. It is Four51′s own knowledgebase and it holds the key to much of the information that is necessary to successfully use the platform. In this “get it now” culture, Discover Four51 is a great resource for those who hate to wait.

The function is very simple and all of the information offered in Discover Four51 is current and frequently updated. As we grow and gather requests from Four51 employees and from YOU, the customer, the knowledgebase will be added to on a regular basis. As new articles are added, be sure to keep your eyes here as I let you know what’s new.

Be sure to check out Discover Four51 to find information on the application, services and also to submit a case if you cannot find what you are looking for. You can access the Discover Four51 knowledgebase by logging into your administrative interface and clicking on the “Help” link and then the “Find Answers” link in the dynamic menu.

If you have any suggestions for new content or an article that you think we should write, don’t hesitate to call or submit a case. I will be reviewing all of the knowledgebase suggestions and, along with a team of Four51 employees, will be writing new articles to keep this tool relevant and useful.


Four51 Tools: Discover Four51 (literal and metaphorical!)

Discover Four51, our new knowledgebase tool, is coming soon! Shortly, the “Help” link from the Seller and Supplier interfaces will change to give you access to the site (as well as some other new options!).

To access Discover Four51, you will click on the “Help” link and then on the “Find Answers” link. You will be able to use the search tool to return a list of applicable articles, navigate through categories organized to mirror the Four51 application, search the glossary of terms, and see a dynamic listing of the most frequently asked questions. When you select an article, the right navigation bar displays the date the article was last updated, a rating system to evaluate the article’s relevancy, and a suggestion box with a link to submit a case in the event the knowledgebase was unable to answer your inquiry. Related topics and articles will be displayed at the bottom of the right navigation bar for many documents.

On Thursday, April 24th from 2-3 pm CDT, we will be hosting a Salon Four51 session that will provide step-by-step instructions on how to use Discover Four51. You can register here.

(And just in case you’re worried, Discover Four51 is not a replacement for any current support service. It supplements our current offerings and gives you a way to get the precise answer you need faster. You can still call or log a case if you need to get a hold of us!)