Sustainability: The hills are alive with the sounds of…green

In case you’ve missed the memo, it’s officially green week (Earth Day is tomorrow and Arbor Day is Friday) and that means everyone wants to talk about green (not to toot my own horn, but I try to get to something sustainable in topic once a week).

I’m attending two green-themed webinars this week (tomorrow’s is on sustainability certifications from WTT and Wednesday’s is on green business from WebEx) and expect to read a lot of articles on every aspect of green that is currently thriving. There were already plenty of green articles this morning:

-WhatTheyThink has a video entry from Cary Sherburne talking about bio inks and super wide print formatting.

-Over on the Print CEO blog, Patrick Henry talks about sustainability issues facing publishers.

-I got an email this morning from the HubSpot blog to which I’m subscribed with a link to some interesting facts on the waste involved in mail. (Interestingly enough, Ad Age had an article on direct mail’s environmental impact as well.)

There will be much more as the week goes on, I’m sure. I must say, it’s been really fascinating watching the explosion of green discussion. Here’s hoping it carries on well after this week is over.