Green Means Secure

Web site visitors are learning to look for the green address bar in their Web browsers while shopping online. You can also find it in online personal financial management tools like Four51 has enabled Extended Validation SSL Certificates to trigger high security browsers such as Internet Explorer 7.0 to prominently display the trusted green address and security bars. Continue reading

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Selling to Uncle Sam: Federal Information Processing Standard

Most of the Four51 product development requests are customer driven, focused on operating better or selling more. I was asked recently if it was possible to use the application for purchasing by US government employees. I replied with a definitive “I don’t know.” After understanding the specifics of the question, the answer is “Yes,” and this is why: Continue reading

A Letter from Prison

My name is Gregory K. I am serving a 51-month prison sentence for aggravated identity theft, mail fraud, and accessing a protected computer without authorization to further fraud.

I used file-sharing software to steal people’s identities and buy merchandise under their names. For victimizing more than 50 people and causing about $70,000 in losses, I earned the nickname “highwayman in the virtual world.” I got caught, but there are more just like me who haven’t been caught. Lots more.

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