Training Guy: Training Galore!

Sorry for the delay in getting to post #2! I have been very busy teaching and training.

Not long ago we experimented with offering two certifications in a single week to great success. Prior to that session, I conducted a special training event where I taught Four51 Fundamentals, Certified Site Admin and Certified Designer in a single week; let’s just say that I have learned a lot about how much information can be transferred in a single week!

Given the recent success of these intense training weeks and the demand for more of the same, we have decided to offer a new training configuration, Triple Training, which is all three courses in a single week! We’re wasting no time getting going, and our first Triple Training week will be August 4th-8th with the next round September 15th-19th. Watch your email for more information (or go ahead and register!).

Also, I would like to take a moment to thank those of you who have come out here for training, both for your hard work and for your positive energy.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to add them below as a comment!

Thanks, and never forget “Add is your friend.”


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