Training Guy: Surviving Triple Training

Greetings all!

I have had a very busy run lately. My vocal chords are happy with me for the moment, though I do love talking…

At any rate, I recently conducted the first Triple Training week. I am happy to report that the class went very smoothly. It was, however, quite intense and some of the attendees were a little panicked at the beginning. Luckily, everyone survived. I look forward to conducting another session like it in September and October.

I realize that the intensity of these classes is quite high. This was done consciously because we cover a lot of ground in a finite amount of time. That said, I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that I have built in a lot of time to be used practicing the skills you have learned and each lesson builds off of the last. This way, the skills you learned at the beginning of the course are still being used at the end of the course. The idea is to work the basics of the application as many times as possible while continuing to learn more advanced subjects as the course goes on.

Anyone can attend training and leave proficient at using the application. There are a couple of key things to keep in mind as you mentally prepare to come to Minneapolis:

  • Come in with an open mind about the application. You will learn more than you probably imagined was possible and you don’t want to hinder your learning if you have too many preconceptions.
  • Think about the problems you are trying to solve with current customers. Although this sounds contradictory to the first point, it’s really not. You still want to keep an open mind about what the app can do, but it’s good to have some focus regarding the issues you are looking to solve.
  • Contemplate how the application can be used to bring new customers online. Think about the last deal you didn’t get and then when you’re here (keeping an open mind!), start imagining what you would show a prospect in your next pitch.

    Thank you to everyone for stopping by, and never forget…

    Add is your friend.


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