Training Guy: New Blog thread from Four51 trainer Mike Moebeck!

Greetings everyone!

I am Mike Moebeck. Most of you who are reading this have probably been tortured by my “jokes” already, so nothing I write about should surprise you. I will be keeping this blog thread in an effort to bring to light experiences that I have had as a trainer so that you can learn from my experiences.

In this first entry, I would like to talk about preparation for training.

When you come to Four51 Fundamentals training, you can expect to be overwhelmed a bit, but you should leave feeling confident about your understanding of Four51′s seller interface as this course is specifically designed to cover all the major pieces of the Four51 seller interface. Don’t let the name fool you, it is not a simple course. I have had people in my class who have used the application for a number of years and still feel as if they learned a lot.

The Certified Designer course is much the same. In this class we are focused on the creation of variable text products. You do not have to be a world-class designer to do well in this course, but a good understanding of Quark or Indesign can go a long way. Pageflex uses similar concepts to those programs, so the more you know about them, the easier it will be for you to learn Pageflex.

I try to maintain a positive learning environment. You will not be subjected to harsh criticism; you will receive positive reinforcement of your skills and abilities. If I feel you need extra effort, I will see to it that you get what you need.

My goal in life is to teach you to be proficient with our software. I will always conduct my courses with that as my main objective.

I look forward to adding additional posts over time and thanks for reading.

Always remember, “Add is your friend.”


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One thought on “Training Guy: New Blog thread from Four51 trainer Mike Moebeck!

  1. Thanks Mike for the wonderful training session last week! I’m definitely one of the ones who have been using the program for a number or years and I still learned SO much for the Fundamentals course! I look forward to reading your additional posts!

    PS-Everytime I see an “Add” button on Four51 I can hear you saying “Add is your friend” in my head! HAHA!!!

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