Sustainability: The Green Corner Launch

I mentioned the Green Corner of Connect Four51 a while ago, but wanted to post exclusively about it now that we put out a press release on it.

The Green Corner is simply a subset of the Connect Four51 network of print suppliers. The members of the Green Corner have documented sustainable practices at their facilities and can provide sustainable products for you to take to your customers. Every member company has filled out a profile which can be found on the Green Corner page of the website so that you can assess the qualities you’re looking for and directly contact any supplier you’re interested in working with.

The Green Corner of Connect Four51 is a tool you can use to expand your network and bring more value to your customers–especially as they become knowledgeable and desiring of green products.


PS–Here’s some other recent green news:
Information on green print partnerships from GAM Mag.

More proof that consumers are on the look-out for greenwashing from Ad Age.

A quick summary of the environmental organizations from American Printer.

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