Sustainability: Green is Gaining Momentum

Last week I wrote about getting on the green bandwagon and then, by pure serendipity, I saw this article on the next day.

I found a couple of very interesting points. First, there was the unsurprising point that customers (print buyers and end consumers in the marketplace at large) are beginning to demand more sustainable products and practices. They’re getting smarter about what they want to see and they’re willing to change and challenge relationships in order to get it. Second, the impending Do Not Mail List legislation is forcing certain companies, especially those who frequently mail catalogs and coupons, to reevaluate their practices–and this certainly affects their printers/print distributors. Providing customers in this particular situation with alternatives for satisfying their customers only improves your relationship.

Finally, the article covered a lot of great, easy ways companies can embrace a little green which I think is very helpful in evaluating what direction you want to move in–whether it’s a full-blown company focus shift or merely saving some money on the building’s electric bill.

The article is pretty much a testimony along the lines of what I’ve tried to bring across in this thread–getting green is good in a myriad of ways! When intentions are good, processes are diligently followed, greenwashing is recognized and avoided, and products deliver expected quality, then, truly, everyone wins. I hope you find it as validating as I have!


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