Sustainability: Green Business

If you’re looking for more to read on sustainability (I know I am!), you may want to check out the New York Times’ special section, The Business of Green. This section is really an archive of past and present business articles related to green concerns and it is quite the menagerie of thoughts and concerns.

For a business perspective, this article in particular nicely captures the constant struggle to do everything right all the time. Even though this article is well over a year old, I think the difficulties noted regarding businesses trying to do right by the environment (especially for big businesses like GE and Ford which are highlighted in the article) have remained largely the same. There is a tricky web that is quickly spun when a dedication to the environment is made (and announced no less) because it effectively puts that company on a seemingly self-made pedestal, prime for knocking down. Luckily though, the moral too has remained the same: Don’t preach more than you practice.


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