Sales: Their pain is your gain

I subscribe to a number of blogs on a wide range of topics from effective financial management to snarky Project Runway commentary. This article from the Small Business Branding blog struck me, as it’s something we preach here at Four51.

The author, Ed Roach, states that pain point solutions exist all around us. We all make purchasing decisions based on our “pains,” whether those pains are dandruff or pricey long distance phone systems. He also says, “In many ways, if you don’t use pain points to sell, many customers probably wonder why you exist. Understand their pain and sell them the relief.” Do you want your customers or prospects to question your existence or your purpose when you’re selling them your services instead of effective marketing and positioning strategies?

Simply selling products won’t cut it anymore when there are ten other guys who can do the same thing and on the cheap. But, if you can creatively and effectively solve a customer’s pain, you’re golden. Do the research, uncover their pains, and use your resources to design the winning solution.


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