Sales: Your Best Offense

One of my favorite times of year is right around the corner: football season.

Every year, the so-called “experts” begin to incorrectly pick who will win the Super Bowl and some off the field issue is blown out of proportion and is beaten to death by the media (see: Brett Favre) because there aren’t any games to write about yet. It’s also the time of year I try to figure out how early or late in the season the Vikings will break my heart and leave me waiting for next football season. (I’m predicting an early January letdown.)

Anyway, as I look at successful teams across the NFL and try to figure out the parallels between them, one major characteristic stands out. With few exceptions, the team that wins the Super Bowl typically has a great defense. We definitely saw a great example of a team with a great defense as the Giants upset the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Now, when we look at why ‘defense wins championships’ (as the old saying goes), there are two main reasons that come to mind. The obvious one, of course, is that if the other team can’t score, they can’t win; everybody knows that. But what isn’t as apparent is that the better your defense is, the more opportunities (possessions) it gives your offense to score, and the more opportunities the offense has, no matter how bad or how good they are, they’ll eventually put some points on the board. That’s why we see teams winning with mediocre offenses; the defense keeps feeding them the ball and eventually they capitalize on a scoring opportunity.

After that long winded example, the point I’m getting to is that using Four51 effectively is like having a great defensive football team; it levels the playing field. Whether you’re a large company or a small two person shop, effectively using Four51 not only makes serving your current customers more efficient, it can create more opportunities for new clients or additional services for your current ones because of your web presence and capabilities. It allows you to compete on the same playing field whether your other abilities (talented players in NFL speak) are the same as your competitors or not.

So, during this training camp, fine tune your Four51 skills so you’re ready to compete when the season starts.


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