Four51 Application: One Last Thing

Cap'n CrunchI am sure you have played the game One Last Thing.  Like, if you could only eat one last thing, what would it be? (Bacon.) Or, if you could only have one breakfast cereal, what would you choose? (Captain Crunch.)  This is the very discussion we have when trying to figure out the most important feature of our next major application release:   If we could build only one more thing, what would it be? 

The “one” feature we focused on for Release 8 was the ability for buyers to pay for orders with a spending account and an additional payment method.  Release 7 was about security and PCI compliance. And Release 9 will be about,  well…..hmmmm……we are thinking that if we could only build “one last thing”  it would be allowing a coupon to be used on an order.  What would you say if you were on the Four51 product development team?

You can click here to create a product suggestion on Access Four51, the Four51 Customer Resource Center.


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I am the Chief Technology Officer and have been with the company since its beginnings in 1999. In the last ten years, I have enjoyed working with the team scaling the application and adding new features to the technology used by over 947,560 users and 29,190 companies. I think that is cool, and incredible to imagine, especially considering I can remember the first time a non test user ever signed onto the application.

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