New Features of Release 8: Variable Spec Form

Hopefully you all know that Release 8 is just around the corner, and you have logged into the beta site to see the new features highlighted in the demo. Once again there are a ton of new features, many of which that will affect you immediately. Today I’m going to discuss some new enhancements to the Variable Product Spec Form. Our primary goal in these changes was to increase design time by creating a form as close to production-ready as possible. The fewer edits needed, the faster to production you can be with your products.

First, we tackled the task of redesigning the default form. The previous form was very vertical. Each spec was listed individually down the page with the label directly above the control. Any product with more than 5 specs causes the page to scroll, and most user input forms have labels on the left of the control. After Release 8, the default form will be more horizontal. Here is an example:


Much of the padding and spacing was reduced to shrink the space used on the screen. Prefix, Suffix and required marker are also taken into consideration so the controls align neatly.

Secondly, we added default css definitions: SpecForm, SpecLabel, SpecControl, SpecSuffix, SpecPrefix, SpecOddRow, SpecEvenRow. These definitions exist as defaults in the global.css file, but you can override them in your theme projects. Choosing to include these styles in your theme allows you to maintain a consistent look to your spec forms that will persist to ALL of your products.

With these two changes, we hope that you are able to minimize the effort in a new product rollout. I cannot demonstrate this functionality through the usual methods until the release is completed. Rest assured, I will have a quality demo available at that time.

Next week I’ll discuss the new Product Detail Spec Form and list some new innovations that are now possible.

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