Massages, Mexican, and Memberships: America’s Favorite Deals

LivingSocial, a daily deal site, released their Member Must-Have’s Study for Q2’11. The study was broken up into four categories: beauty, fitness, food, and entertainment, and each of those had sub-categories. Can you guess what category racked up the most purchases?

That’s right: Food! (See table below for complete food category breakdown.) It would be interesting to see the number of deals offered each week by category to know exactly what LivingSocial users are seeing. While food was king at the category level, the top-selling sub-category was massages, with 154,085.

What can we learn from this, and how can it be applied at the region, city, and neighborhood level?

LivingSocial Food Category Breakdown
Category U.S. Vouchers Sold
Mexican Restaurants  107,159
 Pizzerias  88,624
 Frozen Yogurt  67,195
 Sushi Restaurants  50,491
 Ice Cream  46,446
 Cupcakes  36,495

As LivingSocial Senior Vice President of Sales, Mandy Cole, said, “The results from this quarter’s U.S. trend study paint a really strong picture of the things people like to do in their free time.”

In short, Living Social has conducted some valuable market research that you can take advantage of.  My challenge to you?  Make a list of local businesses in the most popular sub-categories to add to your FanTools prospect list today!

For the entire article and daily deal numbers breakdown, visit the article posted in PR Newswire, FORE!- LivingSocial Identifies Americans’ Deal Obsessions.

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