Industry Thoughts: Helping Customers Help Themselves [Love You More]

As I was reading Ad Age last week, I came across a very interesting article on new uses for data. It seems that in the face of economic hardships, the advertising realm of agencies, media companies, research firms and the like have been releasing report after report to bolster credibility, necessity and worth.

The article surmises that a lot of these reports have to do with the fact that many of the largest buyers of advertising and marketing are now run by CEOs with financial backgrounds (versus a decade ago when most CEOs were former CMOs) who are looking at campaigns, costs and promises in an entirely new context. This author surmises that whatever the impetus, more data is always a good idea—you have to be able to prove your worth.

Which brings me to the point of this post: use the current economic arena as motivation for providing data on your worth to your customers, especially your biggest accounts. Even if your customers aren’t asking for it, given the tougher times a request for a deep-dive of ROI might be just around the corner. Take the opportunity to be a hero and give your customers a snapshot of what value you’ve provided so far this year. Mark areas of interest and propose a time to follow-up so that you can suggest improving the numbers during the rest of the year. Make a note on your calendar to run a follow-up report the first week of December.

If you aren’t convinced, consider this thought from the article: Data can help sell beyond simply the need for validation. Have you had trouble up-selling a customer or two in the past? (Who hasn’t?) Show them an anonymous report of an up-sell that worked for a similar customer. Even if they can’t afford it now, having that report and proof will stay with them much longer.


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