Four51 Web to Print Security Errors

Browser errors, blocked pop-ups and security warnings are all things we’ve seen on our computers, and probably the only times we don’t take those warnings very seriously.  We know security errors can happen with CommerceTools from time to time, so we want to make sure you know how to avoid this issue.  This week we are discussing a common case question addressing those browser issues.

Case Question:
I am new to CommerceTools and am getting security errors when using the project file upload utility.  Is there a specific browser I should be using?  Are there any changes I need to make within the browser or on my computer to get it working?

To upload project files in CommerceTools, you need to have Microsoft .NET 2.0
framework installed, and then make several configuration changes.  The .NET upload utility requires Mircrosoft’s Internet Explorer browser, but for you Firefox and Google Chrome users, you can also use the IE Tab, if you really don’t want to leave your favorite browser.  This knowledgebase article will cover the changes you need to make.

For security purposes, browsers were not built to handle complex file system tasks. It would probably be a bad thing to let any website have less-limited access to your file system, due to malware/spyware/virus threats. So, to allow the type of file management in a browser that the Project File Upload Utility requires, we built a .NET control to facilitate the interaction between the browser and the file system.  Since it is a .NET control, it will only work in the IE browser, and you need to modify security permissions in .NET and within your browser to recognize it as a trusted activity. The KB article referenced by Ski-Dog has the precise steps that you need to follow to make these modifications. Following the article to the letter will probably work for 99% of users. The odd instance or two where something is still not working correctly, can usually be resolved with a support case.

Have any questions regarding this?  Write us a comment or submit a case.  We’re always happy to hear from you!

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