Four51 Web-to-Print: All About Project File Management

Do you ever feel like your desk looks like this?

Or maybe your computer monitor looks like this?  (I’ll admit it, I’ve been here before)

Well, we don’t ever want you to have to deal with that in CommerceTools while you are balancing your customers varying products and ongoing corporate design changes.  That is why we are talking about the setup of variable data products and the project file upload utility.  Join our panel of experts on how you can get setup and organized today.

Case Question:
My customer frequently changes their corporate logo, and has over thirty variable data products that use this logo.  Is there a way to setup these products so that I can swap out one image, rather than maintain thirty identical images for each product?

Absolutely.  From an operations efficiency and customer solution development viewpoint, it is important to understand how variable data products are setup, and how the project file upload utility works to make decisions on how to optimize your workflow.  Some key considerations include:

  1. Can a project file work for more than one product?
  2. Will images be shared across multiple products?
  3. Does more than one product use the same data source?
  4. How often does the project file require change?

These considerations are exactly why hands on training is required to gain access to manage projects in CommerceTools admin.  We demonstrate the relationship between the Pageflex template design tools and a CommerceTools variable data product.  We also walk the trainees through the installation of the project file upload utility, which maps the data found in the Pageflex project to a CommerceTools variable data product.

It is important to note that the upload utility requires a desktop computer installation and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser.

We do get a few cases on installing the utility when someone completes instruction and returns to their work desktop.  Should an install fail after following the instructions in the article right here, we provide another troubleshooting utility that Headphones created.

Once you get the utility working, you can follow the instructions to share a project file with multiple products here.

Don’t forget about the project file web service if you need to manage frequent changes to the project file.  The web service allows updates and additions to those projects so that your admin user does not need to repetitively login and manage the project via the CommerceTools admin interface.  We commonly see the web service used to replace a data source with a nightly update.  Take a look here for specifics on the web service.

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