Four51 Tools: Check out updates to the University Four51 Supporting Site!

Recently, Four51 (with help of our Consistency Czarina and blogger extraordinaire, Ms. Laura Monn) has undergone a collateral re-vamp to give you more tools to help you effectively present and sell your Four51 capabilities. We have placed some of these new pieces in the University Four51 Supporting Site. Check out the Four51 Collateral section for the new updates!

While you’re there, dive into the other categories, too! The Demo Script section contains the latest version of the demo script to enable you to give a more effective demonstration of Four51. The Customization Tools section allows you to preview all of the included themes that come standard with Four51. You can apply these themes yourself in your Admin environment to simply and easily tailor your customer’s buying experience. Want to brush up on your marketing and selling skills? Explore the Library for PowerPoint presentations and recordings of our University Four51 sessions.

Don’t know how to access the U451 site? Click here to login or request a username and password!


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