Four51 App: Why you should participate in the Beta Program

We may be in the final weeks of preparation for our next major feature release, Release 8, but it’s not too late for you to participate in our Beta Program!

Some of you have already logged on to Staging to take a look at the new features but many of you have not. I am sure past participants could list plenty of reasons it is a good idea to take advantage of this opportunity (and please do in the comments if you’re willing to share), but for now I thought it might be helpful if I listed some of the benefits that I see of being a participant in this part of the process.

Why should you participate in the Beta Program?
* See the new features before they hit the live environment
* Identify if anything is changing for you or your buyers and communicate appropriately
* Update or create training materials as needed
* Confirm that your processes work as they currently do in the live environment
* Give feedback to Four51 which may initiate an update prior to the release date

We have created an area on Access Four51 to track all the important information about Application Updates. Once you are on the Release 8 page, you will find a link to logon to the Staging environment (a copy of production that we made so you could test with real data), the ability to download release notes and more detailed information about some of our new features. We even wrote up a sample test script to help you get started!

Also available within the Release 8 section is a feedback form. When you fill that form out, the message will be sent directly to me and I will get back to you with an answer.

Once we have confirmed a release date we will be sending out a communication and will also be updating Access Four51 so please stay tuned.

Thank you!

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