FanTools Known Issues

The FanTools team is always working to resolve any issues the come up with the application.  Listed below are the current issues that we are aware of and actively working on to resolve as soon as possible. Also listed below are the issues we have recently resolved.  If you are experiencing any problems other than what is listed below, please visit our Support Center.

Current Known Issues (as of 4/13/2012)

  • Some Facebook users are unable to get past FanGates for deals. This is caused by a Facebook bug, but we are currently researching a way we can avoid this issue.
  • FanTools admin users are unable to view Results for certain offers that have an indefinite publish duration.
  • Forgot Password workflow results in an error when the user enters their new password and submits the form.

Recently Resolved Issues

  • Admin user was unable to create new content off of an event on the calendar. This was resolved on 4/9/2012.
  • Facebook events that were set up to recur were displaying with an indefinite publish duration on the calendar. This was resolved on 4/9/12 to display these event types as instantaneous events with no duration.
  • Coupons created during Getting Started were displaying a valid end date with the year 2099. This was resolved on 4/11/2012.

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