Data: Turning People into a Four Letter Word

I heard someone at a conference of Chief Marketing Officers say the other day: “Data is the rock upon which I stand.”

Isn’t that a sad thing for a big-time marketing honcho to say?

Data is the weapon of choice for people playing defense. People playing offense build communities, or what Seth Godin more imaginatively calls “Tribes”.

If you want to be the leader in whatever category or market segment, you need to be the community (Tribal) leader. And you need to breathe life into your community with your purpose, passion and vision.

More importantly, you’ll need to let your community breathe life into you with its honesty, stories, wisdom.

Does this take data? No. It takes guts.

Guts to work the room AND let the room work you. Sitting behind the desk and the data is a missed opportunity.

Data’s not a rock. It’s sand. Use it as filler material to pack around insight gaps.

Compared to your data, do you see your community as a way more real rock to stand on?

-tim morin

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