Client Growth Corner: USADATA and list acquisition

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Hi All,

Last week I participated in an in depth demonstration from Ed Greissle at USADATA, with whom we have partnered to provide list acquisition capabilities. You can now obtain and integrate list acquisition functionality into the Four51 application in two ways.

First, there is the traditional USADATA Leads Module v. 4.0. This comprehensive platform generates lists from seven databases including two consumer options, business, new movers, and executive choices. You also are allowed custom selection when choosing the data points your customers can access. Being a Four51 network member grants you a 20% discount on the Leads Module. If you are interested, contact Ed at

As well as the complete USADATA Leads Module, Four51 has created the Four51 Leads Module, powered by USADATA. This platform allows you to provide list acquisition capabilities to your customers without any set-up or ongoing fees; you pay for what you use! With 2 databases of consumer and business information, you can increase the effectiveness of your customers’ marketing campaigns by providing them access to pertinent data. If you are interested in learning more about the Four51 Leads Module, please contact or check out our website.

As direct mail continues to permeate both the print and marketing space, superb data will become a necessity. Stay ahead of the curve and expand your service offerings by seamlessly offering list acquisition capabilities to your customers today! This is a quick and easy way to expand your services and help grow your business!


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