A Letter from Prison

My name is Gregory K. I am serving a 51-month prison sentence for aggravated identity theft, mail fraud, and accessing a protected computer without authorization to further fraud.

I used file-sharing software to steal people’s identities and buy merchandise under their names. For victimizing more than 50 people and causing about $70,000 in losses, I earned the nickname “highwayman in the virtual world.” I got caught, but there are more just like me who haven’t been caught. Lots more.

At the urging of the public and private sectors, the technology industry is fighting a pitched battle to keep people like me from hurting people like you. Have you noticed? Users of Four51 have certainly noticed more stringent password procedures. Some have complained. In fact, some have complained bitterly.

Yes, today’s password security measures are annoying. But trust me, the havoc I can cause is a much bigger nuisance. Instead of an irritation, try thinking about security measures as an insurance premium; insurance against the thousands upon thousands of guys like me who want to steal your data and your customers’ data.

If you’re a distributor or supplier receiving orders on Four51, why not sell the pain as a benefit to security-conscious buyers?

Please write.


Ed. note: There really is a Gregory K. doing time for the crimes listed above although he has no affiliation with Four51. There really are, however, Four51 customers who ask to have features like Strong Passwords turned off. We understand why, but the irritation is part of the price we all pay to keep Gregory at bay. Four51 customers who want to review password security options should visit Discover Four51 and read article #276736.

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