If Only I Had Known

Come to training, and I promise you will hear this: “I didn’t realize that I could do that!” And it’s not the newbies who say this. It’s the veterans who have been using the system for a while and have decided to come in for formal training. Do you know what they say next?

“This made the trip worthwhile! Everything else I learn is gravy.” (It’s about value, not cost.)

Four51 is very versatile, and there are 3-4 releases a year crammed full of new features requested by Distributors. One of the best things you can do for yourself and for your company is to put in the time and energy to learn all you can about Four51.

A person who has been using Four51 for a while and comes to Fundamentals class may find that lesson 1 is review, but after that most people start learning how to configure the application in ways they never thought about before.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been trained, or if you are self-taught, take a class this fall. Register by Halloween and get 50% off any class on the calendar.

Have a great day, and remember that Add is your friend.

-Mike “Training Guy” Moebeck

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