In The News: Four51′s Mark Johnson and A Committment To Preparing The Future

Originally published on the St. Olaf College News page.

Fifteen years ago two Oles created a summer internship program that aimed to connect St. Olaf College students with entrepreneurial alumni in the Twin Cities.

Brothers-in-law Mark Johnson’82 and Paul Estenson ’80 knew that these connections would be vital for students as they entered the professional world and would provide them with valuable work experience. They wanted to give students the opportunity to gain this career experience and networking savvy by interacting with alumni-owned or managed companies in the Twin Cities.

The Estenson Internship Program proved to be the perfect outlet, and over the years it has given more than 120 students a place to challenge themselves while gaining a significant advantage over their peers.

“We provided the students with a ‘laboratory’ to explore their entrepreneurial impulses through paid internships and also to meet and get to know a great group of established business people who share a passion for the college,” Johnson says.

St. Olaf alumni have made these experiences possible, sponsoring the internships and providing close to $1 million in summer earnings for students . . .

Read more on the St. Olaf College News website.

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