How to create a Flash Deal

  1. Prepare your Promotion Image and have it ready to be uploaded
  2. Select Promotions in the Dashboard
  3. Click Add Promotion
  4.  Click Flash


  1. Proceed to create a Promotion
    1. Give your Promotion a Title – this will only show to admins
    2. Give your promotion a Headline –  this is the title your Fans will see
    3. Write the Short Description – this message will appear on your Facebook Wall Posts and News Feed; the shorter, the better
    4. Write the Long Description – provide a full description of the promotion, including how to redeem


  1. Upload your Promotion image
  2. Assign a location
  3. Input conditions and restrictions
  4. Create coupon code (optional)
  5. Provide URL to website (optional)
  6. Create timeline
  7. Assign Profile Questions if desired
  8. Assign a FanGate if desired
  9. Choose messaging type and method.  Check Yes if you would like to customize your Facebook Wall post, Twitter update, email, and SMS.

a. Fill out all the blank fields for the methods you would like to customize

b. Establish dates for publishing the promotion, how long it will appear in the deal stream, and expiration

c. Select your Promotion’s Status

Draft: your deal will be saved as-is, and you can revisit it at any time to make changes

Publish Now: your deal will be published immediately. Notifications will be triggered.

Scheduled for: pick a specific time you want your deal published on your Facebook page

10. You can Preview your deal.  Click Preview in the lower right.

11. Once you are satisfied with your promotion, click Save.

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