Connecting FanTools to Facebook Pages

Connecting FanTools to Facebook Pages

1. Login to your Facebook account on Facebook, make sure you are logged into Facebook as a person, not as a Facebook page. You must be an administrator of the Facebook Page you wish to connect to FanTools.

2. In the FanTools admin dashboard, click Social Media on the top of the FanTools Dashboard

3. Click Add Pages button, this will pull up a list of all the Facebook pages you administer that do not have the FanTools app installed

Note: You MUST be the administrator of the Facebook page you are installing FanTools on.  Make sure your browser is allowing pop-ups. If you get an error message while trying to install FanTools on your Facebook page, please log out of both FanTools and Facebook, close your browser, clear your temporary internet files, clear cookies, and try again in a few moments.

4. Allow Facebook permissions, and Add FanTools to your page.

5. Select page(s) to which you want to post deal.  Click Save.

6. Please Note: Now click the large blue +  button to Add FanTools.

** If this step is missed, the page will not correctly install the FanTools tab, and the FanTools app will not appear on your Facebook page.

Deals should appear in the left hand column of your Facebook page under Wall and Info











After the FanTools app is installed, you can click “edit page” in the upper right of the Facebook page.

  1. Click Apps in the left navigation column.
  2. Scroll down to FanTools.
  3. Click Edit settings, and you can name FanTools whatever you like.  The default name is FanTools.

Tip: Click save before clicking okay



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