Games by James, Very Serious About Fun, and FanTools!

Four51 announced today that Games by James has licensed FanTools, a social media marketing platform that allows merchants to publish offers to Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

Founded in 1979, Games by James specializes in board games and puzzles, from the most popular to the hard to find. Of the six total stores, the five mall-based Games by James stores, all located in Minnesota and Wisconsin, are owned and operated by McKee Investments.

According to Glenn McKee, President of McKee Investments, Games by James wants to consolidate its Facebook presence on a single page and attract a younger, social-savvy audience that’s no longer responding to email. The company has kicked off the fan acquisition phase with two aggressive offers: a free t-shirt and $10 off a purchase of $25 or more. In addition, McKee Investments is cross-promoting its Victory Points loyalty program with its Facebook page.

Check out Games by James’ Facebook Page here. The FanTools application is running in the tab called Sweet Deals! To see how other businesses are using FanTools, visit the Four51 FanTools Facebook page, and browse our Likes in the left navigation.

FanTools is Enterprise Ready- What does this mean?

When you think enterprise, you think big.  FanTools is unique because it can be used for a small business or for enterprise size businesses.  FanTools can support multiple locations and multiple Facebook pages.  Unlike competitors (see here), FanTools is highly configurable. It is possible to have any combination of administrators, pages, locations, and deals.

Read this example.  The National Multiple Sclerosis Society: Minnesota Chapter uses FanTools.  They have one FanTools admin logon and one main administrator.  The Minnesota MS Society has several different Facebook pages for their different events throughout the year.  For example: Bike MS, Mud Run for MS, Walk for MS, ect.  What the MS Society was able to do, and do it effectively, was create one SmartDeal: $10 off Registration, and post it to their various Facebook pages from a single sign-on admin dashboard environment.  The MS Society didn’t publish the same SmartDeal on all of their pages, because some of their pages had events which had already passed.  FanTools allowed the administrator to pick and choose which pages they published the SmartDeal to.


Here is second example of an enterprise size business utilizing FanTools.  Wendy’s FourCrown Franchise.  Wendy’s FourCrown has 58 different store locations, but they created one Facebook page.  With this model, they are able to create SmartDeals within the FanTools admin dashboard and push a deal to their Wendy’s FourCrown Facebook page, and have the deal apply to all 58 locations.


FanTools is an easy way to manage your brand’s various different social media marketing needs, and it is highly versatile, from Non-Profits, Restaurants, and Retail.  The FanTools application is highly configurable and was uniquely built to not only support small businesses, but to efficiently accompany large enterprise clients.

How to Save

Here’s part of some spam I recently received from an e-procurement software company:

… Many companies are struggling to understand how today’s economic climate will impact spending, jobs and business viability. And if you are a purchasing professional, you are tasked with the additional challenge of cutting costs and saving money throughout the organization. Continue reading

Bureaucratic Blowback

AKA No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

In our last post, you met Gordy the Buyer. He’s the state government guy who’s saving the State of Minnesota hundreds of thousands of dollars. Gordy’s done this by getting state employees to use simple, inexpensive web technology to buy stuff they need to run Minnesota’s government (technology from Four51, a Minnesota company). Naturally, we thought of Gordy the Buyer as an unsung hero. So did a lot of people who read our blog post.

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Green Means Secure

Web site visitors are learning to look for the green address bar in their Web browsers while shopping online. You can also find it in online personal financial management tools like Four51 has enabled Extended Validation SSL Certificates to trigger high security browsers such as Internet Explorer 7.0 to prominently display the trusted green address and security bars. Continue reading

QA (application environment series part 6)

Do you ever wonder if there is a process that is used to ensure quality on Four51? Have you ever experienced any issues on a web site you frequent? Do you ever wonder how a web site performs at such a high level of quality? If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, the term Quality Assurance should come to mind. Each company assures the quality of their product at some level whether that is just a developer who tests his code, or a person or a team of people who are responsible.

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it: Four51 Coupons Coming Soon!

There is excitement brewing in the Four51 Customer base as people anticipate the arrival of Coupon and Gift Card functionality. This functionality will provide a convenient way to offer discounts to buyer users everywhere – both current customers and prospects!

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