FanTools updates with new reporting!

The Four51 FanTools team is proud to announce new updates to FanTools available today.

New Promotion Reports

We have significantly upgraded our promotion reports, providing businesses with more information on the success of their promotions, and adding social activity metrics for insights into how offers are socialized. Promotion reports are viewed by clicking the Results button on the Promotions list.

FanTools Reports

Note: our new reports require FanTools administrators to complete a simple one-time re-authentication of Facebook permissions. You’ll notice the dialog the first time you click the Results button from the Promotions list. Existing promotions will have incomplete data. Please contact support if you require specific data for promotions existing prior to January 11, 2012.

More Updates

  • More Formatting Control. The long description in coupons, flash deals and group buys now allows for bullets and numbering.
  • Better Image Management. Information posts now include the stand-alone image in the deal view. See the How to Create an Information Post support article for more information.
  • Easier on the Eyes. The FanTools administration interface has been refined, with more consistency and a dynamic width that works better with wide screens computers.
  • New User Role. Administration user roles now allow for users that can manage transactions.
As always, if you have any questions or suggestions please visit the FanTools Support Center for more information.


New Year, New Social Promotions

We hope you had an enjoyable and profitable holiday season, both personally and professionally! As they say, there’s no rest for the wicked. Lots of offers expired as 2011 came to an end, so now it’s time to take a deep breath and plan a prosperous first quarter of 2012. The need to build traffic and build your brand never stops.

Remember, you can use FanTools to schedule your entire social promotions calendar. Just load up your offers, hit the schedule button, and go tackle one of the other 8 jobs you’re doing!

Here are some ideas to help get you started. These were gleaned from the many hundreds of social promotions published using FanTools over the last couple of months. Have a look, then pick a couple and give them your own twist.

Calendar Creativity. The next three months offer some great holidays to leverage: MLK, Chinese New Year (who’s going to cater your year of the dragon party), Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ birthdays, St. Patrick’s Day,  and our personal favorite…Leap Day! Leap Day is tailor-made for a flash deal.

Speaking of the Calendar…why not publish one? Tell your customers when your pick-up days are, your classes, your special guests, your grand opening, the arrival of a new product or start of a new service. You get the idea.

One-Time Freebie Upgrade. How about a free appetizer with two entrees or free hot rocks with an hour massage? Get ‘em hooked.

It’s That Time Again. The new year is a great time for getting customers to think about infrequent purchases and “things they’ve been meaning to do.” Examples: come in for a free vacuum tune-up, jewelry cleaning, cooking class, skate sharpening, teeth whitening, spring fashion preview. Get your ducts cleaned and insulation evaluated.

The Old Stand-By. Who doesn’t love a free trial? Or how about a “bring in a friend” offer? Want to build repeat traffic or boost a weak part of the day — how about an offer to get an offer? Get a half-price cup of coffee before 11:00 and receive a coupon good for a deal after 4:00 pm. Bring in this coupon before a certain date and receive a “super coupon” good until March 31.

We hope you’re inspired. Thanks for your support, and let us know how we can help you. Click here for support and office hours.

We’re Hiring! Social Media/PR Intern

Do you breathe PR, Social Media and can’t wait to hit a keyboard and start blogging? If so, we want YOU!

Four51, a Minneapolis based technology company, has an immediate opening for a PR/Social Media paid intern to support marketing and public relations efforts to increase user acquisition, retention and thought leadership.  Our line of local/social/mobile commerce and eCommerce applications is seeing incredible growth and with growth comes opportunity.

As PR/Social media intern at Four51, you’ll make a direct impact on our organization by contributing ideas that inform our strategy, content that builds our position and developing relationships that share our story.  This is an exciting opportunity for an aggressive PR/Marketing/Journalism/Communications student or recent grad looking for real world experience in a fast pace, high growth environment.

Reports to the Director of Marketing

Paid hourly, 20 hours a week during regular business hours (8-5 M-F)


  • Manage an editorial program and production calendar on a daily basis
  • Update Four51 website and partner webpages and blogs
  • Manage and engage a growing community across social media platforms
  • Build relationships with bloggers and media, identifying pitch opportunities and making pitches on behalf of Four51
  • Ensure all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice, and optimized for search and user experience
  • Speak up! Contribute ideas that inform strategy
  • Press writing and media materials development
  • Other duties assigned

Desired Skills & Experience

The intern must be organized, and detail-oriented with outstanding writing and interpersonal skills.

Experience with Content Management (CMS). Basic HTML/CSS is required. Knowledge of and high interest in social media, marketing, public relations and technology as well as the role technology plays in changing norms associated with how people connect to each other and brands.  Experience with building communities on social platforms. Experience with developing relationships with bloggers and press and then delivering successful pitches to share Four51 point of view.

Education: Bachelors and Graduate students in Public Relations, Marketing, Communications, Journalism preferred.

Company Description

For more than a decade, Four51 has developed technology that fuels business in all 50 states and in 40 countries around the world. Four51′s line of local/social/mobile commerce and eCommerce applications (SaaS) have been used by thousands of businesses including half the fortune 500.

Additional Information

December 27, 2011
Public Relations, Marketing, Writing/Editing 

We’re Hiring! Design intern

Do you breathe great design? Dream in CMYK? See the world in storyboards?

If so, we want YOU!

Four51, a Minneapolis based technology company, has an immediate opening for a Graphic /Interactive Design paid intern to support marketing efforts to increase user acquisition, retention and thought leadership.  Our line of local/social/mobile commerce and eCommerce applications is seeing incredible growth and with growth comes opportunity.

As a Graphic /Interactive Design Intern at Four51, you’ll make a direct impact on our organization by contributing ideas that inform our strategy and produce creative that builds our industry position and tells our story.

This is an exciting opportunity for an aggressive graphic and interactive design student or recent grad looking for real world experience in a fast pace, high growth environment.

The intern must be organized, and detail-oriented, possess strong typography and layout skills, and be a graphic design major with experience in motion graphics and interactive design.

Reports to the Director of Marketing.

Paid hourly, 20 hours a week during regular business hours (8-5 M-F)


  • Ensure brand consistency across print and online mediums
  • Design for website, social platforms, and email
  • Design ads for various publications including print and web banners
  • Weekly updates to the Four51’s Web site
  • Create and maintain short product demos and case study videos
  • Established knowledge of design, layout and video concepts
  • Research other technology companies with successful branding or design systems
  • Speak up! Contribute ideas that inform strategy
  • Other duties as assigned

Desired Skills & Experience

Proficiency in Adobe CS5 (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver). Working knowledge of HTML and CSS. Familiar with video shooting/editing basics, (particularly familiarity with timelines, storyboarding and screencasting). Motion graphics design experience also preferred.

Education:  Associates, Bachelors and Graduate students in Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Video Production OR individuals with killer skills and the portfolio to prove it.

Company Description

For more than a decade, Four51 has provided technology solutions that fuel business in all 50 states and in more than 40 countries around the world.  Check out our website – for more information!

Additional Information

December 27, 2011
Art/Creative, Design, Marketing 

Social Media Marketing, Getting Started on Facebook

Many people have been on Facebook for a long time, or have had a business page on Facebook.  The difference of being on Facebook and utilizing Facebook is where people get caught up.

Social Media Marketing, Getting Started on Facebook

Are you ready to get started marketing on Facebook? You might think that Facebook is simply a social network people use to meet and chat about their personal life. While that is certainly true, it is also true that Facebook is where people share their positive and negative thoughts about companies, products and services. Marketing on Facebook is one of the most cost-effective ways for you to attract and engage millions of prospective customers.

Perhaps you’ve heard that if Facebook were a country, it would the 3rd largest. With half of its 750 million fans logged in at any given moment, a world of opportunity awaits you and your brand. All you need to do to capitalize on this phenomenon is to get started.  Sounds easy, right?

It is easy if you grew up with PCs, iPods and smart phones. For those of who didn’t, you may be wondering: where do I even start? To get going, here are four easy steps to getting started.

Sign up!
Remember the old saying “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step?” First things first, stop talking about your Facebook page and just do it. The first thing you need to decide is what kind of Facebook page you want to create. You can create Facebook pages for a Local Business or Place, Company, Organization or Institution, Brand or Product, Artist, Band or Public Figure, Entertainment, Cause or Community. To sign up, start here.

Be Thorough
You may be tempted to just jump in and signup. However, if you intend to use Facebook to market your business, it is important to fully complete your profile. Make sure you take every opportunity to tell the Facebook world what you and your business are all about. Make sure you have a profile picture and fully complete your information tab. Some business owners use a photo of themselves. Others use a photo of their business logo, their business address or some other image that represents their brand.

Take some time to plan what you want to accomplish with your Facebook page. Make sure that your plan involves integrating social media into your broader marketing plan. With regard to generating leads with Facebook, getting a large number of fans is very important.

Your plan can be as simple as writing down challenging, yet attainable goals on the number of fans you want to secure or the number of leads you want to generate. Plan to implement some potential tactics and commit them to schedule. For example, on Monday post information, on Wednesday ask a question and Friday offer a deal.

Most importantly, give your plan enough time to succeed. Social media marketing takes a little time to get moving. Don’t just update your status twice and give up. Once your base starts growing you’ll be able to see your true reach.

Developing and implementing a plan to market your business on Facebook is one of the most cost effective ways to build brand awareness and generate new leads for your business. Remember, if it were a country, it would the 3rd largest. With half of its 750 million fans logged in at any given moment, you could have a world of opportunity!

(Post originally posted on the Main Street Chamber’s Blog.)

New Website is Live!

Four51 launched a new website this morning!  We encourage you to browse around, and see what has changed!  The new website was designed with easy navigation, and a fresh new look.  We invite you to drop us a line, as we always value reading your comments.


Remember you can still login to FanTools by pressing the Logon to FanTools button in the upper right hand corner.

With the launch of the new site, we will be continually updating our content and improving the site for constant relevance.  Stay tuned… next up is the Blog!

FanTools updates with new Support Center, advanced Info Post editing

Today’s FanTools update includes the introduction of our new Support Center, advanced editing for Information Posts and more updates and bug fixes.

  • FanTools help articles and support can now be found at, or by clicking “Get Help” in Admin. FanTools customers can review articles, post questions and email for support.
  • Information Post now has advanced content editing including the ability to embed media like YouTube videos and Flash files. The same editing tools are also available for the Active Deals welcome message.
  • Facebook wall posts generated by FanTools now include a Share link in addition to Like and Comment
  • The editing of promotions now includes a new section called “Scheduling” for setting publish/unpublish and valid/expire dates
  • When creating a new promotion, the option to publish a Facebook Wall Post message is now selected by default
We’re planning on many more improvements so stay tuned!


Send to Mobile and more FanTools updates

Today we released a FanTools update with some important improvements. We are continuously working to make FanTools the best way for businesses to power their online promotions. Please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions.


  • The new “Send to Mobile” button on deals allows fans to send themselves a text message with a link to the deal. This will help fans find their deals easily on their mobile phones.
  • The new “Save to My Deals” button saves the deal to the fan’s My Deals page

FanTools Send-to-Mobile

  • The count down timer on Flash Deals and Group Buys displays seconds
  • New Google +1 button in the sharing section, located at the bottom of every deal
  • Sharing buttons are now on the Active Deals page
  • Group Buy receipts and vouchers now display the deal image
  • Group Buys can now have no maximum quantity (unlimited)
  • Fans can view deal details prior to application authorization. Authorization is required to submit Profile Questions, buy a Group Buy deal, Sign Up for Alerts and Save to My Deals.
  • The Promotions list in Admin as been updated to show more information about the deals and allows for sorting by column.

FanTools Promotions List

  • Group Buy transactions can be settled by selecting more than one at a time
  • Tiered administration can be navigated with a new tree view
  • Adding Facebook Pages to FanTools is now much simpler
  • Added ability to test the configuration of PayPal Payment Gateway
  • Admins can be selected to receive email notifications of Group Buy activity
  • Print button on coupon and flash deals can be turned off


Fitness Promotions Gallery

Welcome to the FanTools Fitness Promotions Gallery!

Listed below you’ll find a variety of offers supporting many different promotional strategies in the fitness industry. The ever available Personal Trainer, low month to month rate, and discount-with-minimum are well represented. You’ll find offers designed to encourage trial of a specific service, drive traffic in groups, increase loyalty via Social Media and increase visits from a desirable demographic. The merchant name links to the actual offer image.

(Note that some of these deals cost the merchants tens of thousands of dollars in discounts and fees to the deal service. We don’t know which of these deals were profitable, if any, but isn’t it better to be in complete control of your own destiny?)

The Club
Anytime Fitness
The Club 2
Align Pilates
MetaBody Fitness
Minnesota Valley Martial Arts
Out On A Limb Dance Company & School
The Yoga Pioneers
Wolves Den Fitness

Continue reading

Use custom messages to maximize Facebook engagement

With the release of FanTools 2.0 we introduced the ability to customize the promotion notifications that are sent to Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and SMS. In particular, taking advantage of the Facebook Wall Post message will result in higher impressions and better engagement if the quality of your content is consistently high.

We highly recommend including a custom message for every promotion wall post. Studies demonstrate that asking fans to share or comment on your posts results in — you guessed it — more sharing and comments. Use creative copywriting: ask a question, make a bold statement, encourage suggestions. The more interesting you can make the post, the better engagement and reach you’ll achieve.

We also recommend that you use our scheduling feature to time your posts to appear when the Page’s audience is likely to be on Facebook. Also, try spreading out the posts to appear at different times of the day and days of the week. For example, some studies show that Wednesdays and the weekends are best for engagement, while Friday is the worst.

The following example wall posts demonstrate how to maximize your promotion messaging and encourage engagement. FanTools promotion wall posts are “shared links” and include a link to the promotion (B), a description of the link (C), and a thumbnail image (D) related to the link. Additionally, you have the option to include a comment on the link (A) via the Message Customization.


A) The link comment text is created with the Message Customization | Facebook Wall Post Message field when you create a FanTools promotion. This is optional, but we highly recommend that you write a custom message for every promotion. Consider that posting the promotion link without the custom message is analogous to tweeting a URL with no explanation.

B) The promotion Headline is automatically used for the link title.

C) The promotion Short Description is automatically used for the link description.

D) The promotion Image is automatically used for the link thumbnail and can be an effective tool to reinforce your message.

Another example:

FanTools Wall Post