Four51 Application: Are you prepared for Release 6?

Did you know that the next major release of features on Four51 is scheduled for this Thursday, October 4, 2007 at 8:30PM CDT? Well, you do now and if you haven’t begun the preparation process I’d like to help you get started!

Prepare for Release 6 by…

logging on to the Staging Environment to review your current products and processes. Begin by using our test script if you’d like!

navigating to Access Four51 and reading the important Notices so you can take any necessary action.

reviewing the Release Notes to learn about the new features.

We have a section on Access Four51 that is completely focused on Release 6 Information. Look there for all the latest information both now and after the release!

If you have any questions, use the feedback form on Access Four51 and we will get back to you.


Note: The application will be unavailable from 8:30pm CDT Thursday, October 4, 2007 until approximately 4:00am CDT Friday, October 5, 2007.

Four51 Application: Release Notes are available for Release 6!

Hello everyone,
I wanted to take a couple minutes to make sure you were aware of the latest Release 6 Information. We have recently added Release Notes to the information that is available on Access Four51. Review this list to find out more information about all of the features that are going to be available after the release.

In addition, there is information about the Theme Management change that will happen with Release 6. Themes users are advised to look at this information because your process will change immediately following the release. You are given more control over creating, managing, and assigning themes and we think you are going to really enjoy that.

Not a Themes user? Even if you do not currently manage themes, you should review the notice because we’ve added a library of themes that you can assign to your buyer companies if you find one that you prefer over the standard default theme.

On another note…Do you ever wonder “What should I be testing in the Staging environment?” Well, we have created a one page test script that can be used as a guide to getting started on your testing. Obviously we cannot cover everything on one page, but it is a tool to get started and we hope it is helpful. Go to Access Four51 -> Four51 Application Updates and you will see a Staging Environment section there with a link to the test script.

Always check back to Access Four51 for the most up to date Release 6 Information.


Four51 Application: Announcing the Release 6 Beta Program Kick-Off

Do you like to…
* know about the latest and greatest Four51 features?
* ensure that your work process will continue seamlessly after the release?
* have input about how the Four51 application works?

If so, please join me for the Release 6 Beta Program kick-off. I will be presenting a demo on Wednesday, August 29th at 1:00 PM CDT and you’re invited! Come to the WebEx session to learn about new features included in our next major release including new reports, quick order entry, and theme management. After the kick-off demo, we will make an environment available for you to do testing in a copy of your live environment which will help give you peace of mind that the release will not affect your daily routine.

Click here to register for the kick-off and we’ll send you all the information.

Hope to talk to you on Wednesday,

Four51 News: Four51 in the Community

Special Olympics MNSpecial Olympics is an organization you may have heard a lot about but haven’t really thought much about. Many people know it’s an organization that supports, organizes, and orchestrates athletic events all over the country but haven’t had the opportunity to be involved, myself included.

This past April I attended my first event, the Minnesota Spring Games which included the Basketball and Volleyball state tournaments. One of my co-workers and I volunteered to help at the competition and it felt good to be part of such an energetic group of people. We weren’t just there for fun though, we were there for research.

Four51 has created a unique partnership with Special Olympics MN (SOMN), specifically Area 11, as part of a new program where groups like Four51 take responsibility for local area competitions. As a Four51 Core Captain I was given an overview of SOMN but because I had never seen a SOMN event before, my co-captain Ross and I decided to check out the Basketball state tournament. We really enjoyed ourselves at the event but I think we missed out on a lot of the experience by not having interaction with the athletes. Luckily we were about to get our chance!

The first competition Four51 was tasked with managing was the Area 11 Athletics competition on May 19, 2007—a day-long Track and Field competition. The team of Four51 captains was charged with organizing the Opening Ceremonies, recruiting 80 volunteers, and coordinating the field events on the day of the competition. There were 325 athletes competing with the support of their 50+ coaches and several hundred spectators who came to cheer them on. Along with our friends, family, and SOMN staff, Four51 employees ran a smooth event that was enjoyable for all. It was a beautiful (okay, maybe a little hot) spring day in Minnesota and the event was a complete success!

Our next event is an Area 11 golf event at the end of July and I’m looking forward to running another great event and meeting more SOMN athletes!


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Four51 Application: Report Survey Results

It comes as no surprise to me that the Line Item Report was the most popular report voted for. We had 5 votes for the Line Item Report and one for the Order Report. Thank you for those who voted. Be on the lookout for future polls in all of the InsightsFour51 categories!

Thank you to those who posted comments in response to my Report inquiry as well. A considerable number of the features that we have been including in the recent releases have started out as suggestions from our customers, so as you’re working with Four51 if you come across something that you think would be helpful or nice to have please let us know! All suggestions that are submitted by our customers get routed to me and then I take them to our Product Development team for review and consideration.

You can submit a suggestion quickly and easily by sending an email to with an explanation of what you’re asking for. It is helpful to us if you can include a business case with details such as what you were working on when you came up with the idea when submitting suggestions.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Four51 Application: Which report do you use most often?

Hello Reports Users! It’s me again, looking for more information about how and when you use our reports. Do you see a trend in my posts? Among the many features for our upcoming technology release we have been working on reviewing our available reports and looking for ways to improve them or possibly add to what is currently there. That is where your input comes into play.

We’ve created a survey to capture which reports are most valuable or used most frequently by our customers. Click your choice in the survey below (can’t see it? Try clicking the post title.) and leave a comment below if you have more to say. We’d love to hear if there is something new or different you would like to see made available in any of the current reports. Your feedback is appreciated!

Thanks! Nikki

Which Four51 Admin report do you use most often? 7 Responses
Line Item Report 5 / 7
Spending Account Balance 1 / 7
Other 1 / 7

Four51 Application: Any more thoughts on a User Report?

We got some great ideas for the new User Report…any more out there?

Hey customers,

After posting my request for ideas to incorporate in a new Users Report we have received a couple comments from users with excellent suggestions. A couple of the ideas include:

• I could run a report listing the users of a certain account with their telephone numbers. I believe this report might be beneficial to the admin users for our accounts as well.

• Within the user report the ability to view by cost centers and user groups would help cut down the time needed to make changes to client’s accounts.

Both are great ideas which will be taken into consideration as we design the new report. Are there any other ideas for what to include in the report or ways that it may be useful to you in your daily process? We’d love to hear from you so post a comment below and make sure your opinion is heard!

Nikki Keller

Four51 Application News: Calling all Reporting Users!

Hey customers,
Give us your input on a new User report!

The Technology Team at Four51 is in the design phase of creating a new report surrounding ‘User’ information that will be available to Admin users. While we have a general idea of what would be useful on a report about users, it would be great to hear from someone who uses the application every day…YOU!

Can you explain a business process that would be made easier by the availability of a User Report? Would you like to see certain information be available to filter on when reporting about Users? What columns would be helpful as results options? The more detail about a business process or scenario that you can share, the better we will be able to consider your suggestion.

We will take all suggestions into consideration as we work on this new report…so please submit a comment below or email us at

Nikki Keller

Four51 Application: Let us know what you want to see!

Hey Customers,

As you are well aware from the emails in your inbox, we are constantly planning, working on, and implementing updates to the application so that it’s more scalable, secure, and easier to use. As you may not be aware, your comments and suggestions are always welcome! Customer feedback played a key role in deciding which features were part of our recent releases including Copy Price Schedules, Buyer Superuser Permissions, and other usability enhancements.

Feel free to post your ideas below or email them to and we’ll get them in our suggestions system!

Nikki Keller

Four51 Application: Release 5 is Tonight!

Hey Four51 Customers,

I just wanted to remind you that the app will be unavailable tonight (Thursday, February eighth) from 10pm until 2am tomorrow as we upgrade our technology. If you didn’t get the email with the release notes, contact support. Enjoy the new features in Release 5!

Nikki Keller